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Dear Colleagues and Friends:
The Asian Society of Abdominal Radiology (ASAR) is a non-profit organization,dedicated to promoting and coordinating the scientific, intellectual and professional activities of abdominal radiology in Asian countries and regions. The society's mission is to serve the health care needs of the general public through the support of science, teaching and research and the quality of service in the field of Asian abdominal radiology. The Asian Congress of Abdominal Radiology (ACAR) sponsored by ASAR has been taken place biennially since the 1
st meeting in Miyazaki, Japan in June 2007.

The coming ACAR2019 will be held in Chengdu, China on May 24-25
th, 2019. And the representatives of ESR, ARRS, SAR and some national society of radiology are invited joining in the coming congress. English will be official language in all sessions. Chinese radiologists from all over China warmly welcome all new and old friends to join with us taking part in the ACAR2019.

Chengdu is a most fast developing modernized city and also a historic city in the southwest of China, it is famous at its ancient cultural remains, delicious food, beautiful scenery and nice weather, besides, it is also the home of panda. We believe that you will have a nice time when you are staying at Chengdu. We look forward to welcoming you in Chengdu.

Best regards, yours sincerely,

Bin Song, M.D.
Chairperson of Organizing Committee of ACAR2019

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